Cheese Types In World

Cheese Types In World

February 10, 2020 7 By Nirav Thakkar

There are many types of cheese in World.

Taleggio ( Italy )

Taleggio is a popular cheese that originated in Italy. 

Roquefort ( France )

This French cheese, which takes approximately 5 months to age, became famous because it had struck the right cord with Emperor Charlemagne.


The cheese, unlike several others, is made from buffalo’s milk.

Cotija ( Maxican )

The Mexicans introduced the world to the famous Cotija cheese several decades ago

Gouda ( Netherland )

The Gouda is one of the most exotic cheeses in the world, which was first manufactured in the Netherlands.

Manchego ( Spanish )

This Spanish cheese is a product of sheep’s milk and takes a period of 3-12 months to age.

Gorgonzola ( Italian )

This Italian masterpiece is an absolute visual delight

Emmental ( Switzerland )

This cheese has a certain sweetness with a piquancy that hits the back of the tongue on the finish.